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1David Hall (S) FCC5332291635023102.547.652.792
2Dylan Letellier (S) TPB801542163103932.525.553.588
3Brett Wisely () SAN7243362581612254.500.610.889
4Sam McMillan (S) SB7720383014175155.494.602.974
5Justus Pennington (S) WOLF592129164241483.492.544.831
6Trey Higginbotham (S) CCA752836458131612.480.534.733
7Bryce Stremmel (S) SCA512624262221497.471.550.706
8Michael Lavery (S) WW6023282146130118.467.562.783
9Joey Ragland (S) TPB632329830023911.460.533.508
10Garrett Barfield () RP5719268410878.456.507.561
11Jarred Lokietek (J) SCA55172523500135.455.484.545
12Jayson Sowden (S) NP9326421553028810.452.500.570
13Ryan Emmett (J) BART821937151010467.451.505.598
14Justin Wager () OAK882439181011993.443.495.614
15Jared Pearson () SAN883839349281095.443.510.864
16Caleb Davis (S) CCA77373430101132411.442.583.636
17Payton Haegele (So) FCC59152623321382.441.507.610
18Carter Chancey (S) FBP75223328130010169.440.527.613
19James Hoelle (S) BART771833148105614.429.477.558
20Tyler Robison () RP75193229602166.427.476.587
21Jason Swan (S) ACS7339319510193013.425.604.521
22Bryce Minton (S) SCA451319163201046.422.481.578
23Christian Longman (S) DCP69212991021201112.420.500.667
24Cody Melton (S) UCC8139341850113236.420.571.519
25Evan Cerney (S) FLE792033262016711.418.456.481
26Austin Martin (S) TCA6030252350514187.417.617.750
27Cole Escher (S) CLAY8236342572217238.415.570.622
28Daniel Hall (S) FCC5629232635124127.411.500.696
29Austin Knight (J) BB95283934150671214.411.491.758
30Ryan Ayrey (S) FLE7829322471171215.410.505.564
31Seth Carroll (So) TPB6762760007810.403.474.403
32Jonathan Ways (J) WW5522229412101316.400.514.618
33Collin Garner (S) NP952838204114913.400.459.495
34Noah Searcy (S) ACS7524302321091712.400.535.453
35Clayton Smith () BCW881135239104612.398.442.523
36Tyler Oliveira () RP63112510600486.397.473.492
37Troy Myers (J) SJCD911936144107616.396.455.462
38Brycen Padgett () SAN791631308035128.392.474.608
39Jason Rewis () WNW701127214222712.386.457.586
40Jacob Hogan (S) BSC78163015800947.385.430.487
41Dillon Johnson (So) WW52112013200101121.385.500.423
42Josh Deal () PAX781530227138822.385.451.615
43Chris Mualoni () OAK762029275052156.382.485.645
44Josh McDonough (S) CCA9238352693051810.380.477.543
45Evan Johnson (S) SB711927198130813.380.453.648
46Matt Cuthrell () WNW7420282595051010.378.456.635
47Kyle Huber (J) NP8527322596161421.376.471.659
48JJ Beck () WNW561921104103119.375.500.482
49Colton McRee (J) BI562021155111167.375.533.554
50Nick Phifer () STA961736238026149.375.451.521
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