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1Maury Gonzalez ('18) RP6526301534115129.462.545.677
2Brandon Dumas ('0) RP592526136109113.441.542.576
3Austin Knight ('18) BB682729261108211812.426.574.941
4Max Ferguson ('18) BB923638674124206.413.513.609
5Matt Crump ('0) TCA56132214310498.393.477.482
6Kevin Jackson ('18) CLAY972237108015812.381.483.495
7James Drysdale ('19) SJA5823229421101119.379.532.569
8Tyler Isenberg ('18) TCA851630194117914.353.439.459
9Nick Barrie ('19) CLAY8527301951191312.353.476.471
10Marc Maschio ('19) SJA691524187001149.348.403.449
11Kyler Kirwan ('18) STA395134200015.333.350.385
12Evan Wickeri ('0) RP6923231042013610.333.405.449
13Jared Whittle ('19) NP5111172100339.333.397.353
14Hunter Barco ('19) BB79192628102442624.329.468.658
15Conner Aldrich ('19) TCA8619281360051017.326.400.395
16Dylan Simmons ('19) TCA7716252163122013.325.465.519
17Austin Kittle ('0) RP5923192161191038.322.437.508
18Tyler Spence ('18) CLAY1041633248012714.317.372.423
19Chase Holman ('20) CLAY839261933101610.313.424.458
20Anthony Messineo ('0) RP4211316000259.310.375.310
21Cody Hargus ('19) NP551217112001106.309.443.345
22Josh Lemen ('18) CLAY8819271440041216.307.408.352
23Trevor Chilsom ('18) TCA607181310211013.300.400.417
24Leo Hyde ('19) SJA4431383002213.295.354.364
25Cal Henrichsen ('19) BB785231560121115.295.394.410
26Andy Yarbrough ('18) CLAY721821941021717.292.433.375
27Brogan Napier ('21) STA3841161104211.289.341.368
28Nick Phifer ('19) STA355108201154.286.395.429
29Sean Duncan ('18) NP5391564000821.283.397.358
30Jalen Steiger ('18) STA32795001338.281.378.375
31Matthew Eden ('18) NP681419106000712.279.375.368
32Gage Riter ('19) STA26075000434.269.333.269
33Ethan Dage ('19) TCA609161530121316.267.403.367
34Ethan Hawthorne ('19) SJA491613500091615.265.455.265
35Richie Long ('21) RP531114110003113.264.409.264
36Bryce Kirksey ('19) BB911224184144225.264.289.462
37Alejandro Navarro ('18) SJA651417520016911.262.360.292
38Fletcher Currie ('21) SJA5071372002715.260.383.300
39Dawson Fietsman ('19) TCA62151673001511.258.319.306
40Michael Corrigan ('18) STA3931050013011.256.275.333
41Tyler Turner ('0) RP55714112015713.255.333.345
42Bryan Muniz ('20) TCA79232014201121325.253.365.316
43Mac Forrester ('18) BB8414211221061630.250.394.298
44Anthony Roman ('0) RP481121020002210.250.486.292
45Andrew Capitone ('18) STA324830004210.250.351.250
46Jeff Lauster ('19) STA367922101312.250.325.361
47Paul Kuehn ('18) BB8118201860222019.247.406.395
48Jacob Vogel ('18) SJA53713930081117.245.379.302
49Blake Yeslonia ('20) STA33784121477.242.366.485
50Zack Morris ('19) CLAY62915115001616.242.338.323
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