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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Chris Sarmie ('21) Scouting ProfileMAN220032114.11074210.000.63
2Jack Dary ('20) Scouting ProfileTPB340040013.030106510.001.15
3Aiden Podloski ('20) Scouting ProfileSAN220052213.100318420.000.53
4Sean Miller ('21) Scouting ProfileSBD211020010.03069360.000.90
5Jacob Toenjes ('20) Scouting ProfileBART220031013.0201115300.001.08
6Jack Rhodes ('21) Scouting ProfileCCA101021010.14078130.000.77
7Patrick Menk ('22) Scouting ProfileBB321040014.220912800.001.16
8Caleb Parks ('20) Scouting ProfileCLAY220130011.02037810.001.00
9Cody Carwille ('21) Scouting ProfileFLEM302030018.030916120.000.56
10Aiden Mastantuno ('21) Scouting ProfileFLEM320040022.0001333700.000.91
11James Williams ('20) Scouting ProfileFCB522051021.2711430440.320.83
12Noah Harter ('20) Scouting ProfileFBP230052220.0111020510.350.75
13Caleb Jones ('21) Scouting ProfileBCW422050019.2519241510.361.22
14Colby Frieda ('21) Scouting ProfileCK430150018.2211330400.380.91
15Carter Shall ('0) Scouting ProfileFLE330031016.051918230.440.69
16Logan Schmidt ('20) Scouting ProfileOAK301030013.131420410.530.60
17Hunter Conaway ('0) Scouting ProfileMID431051126.2221323530.530.68
18Jayden Rivera ('20) Scouting ProfileOAK240041012.2311125200.551.03
19Coast Moyle ('21) Scouting ProfileUCC210130012.131920410.571.05
20Hunter Russell ('0) Scouting ProfileESE010140011.111618210.620.71
21Logan Morris ('20) Scouting ProfileRP201130010.111611300.680.87
22Porter Jordheim ('20) Scouting ProfilePVS422041120.17213131120.691.18
23Trenten May ('22) Scouting ProfileUCC120030010.031713310.701.00
24Layton Perry ('0) Scouting ProfileESE220030010.031614200.700.80
25Connor Hult ('20) Scouting ProfileCK430041119.242737620.710.66
26Steven Reiss ('0) Scouting ProfileCLAY232060018.1521313700.761.09
27Jefferey Henry ('23) Scouting ProfileEVA422051018.012218141130.781.61
28Logan Wilson ('0) Scouting ProfileCLAY210140015.042816200.930.67
29Jarrett Dukes ('20) Scouting ProfileTPB320060022.08312251520.951.23
30Cole Burgess ('20) Scouting ProfileBB321051120.2431516141.020.77
31Brandon Adams ('0) Scouting ProfileCLAY411040020.1431021811.030.89
32Shawn Evans ('21) Scouting ProfilePSS320150013.0821010811.081.38
33Deryk Garcia ('20) Scouting ProfileER110030012.152719601.141.05
34George Farmand ('20) Scouting ProfileBKC100050011.21421316621.201.63
35Casey Hegan ('20) Scouting ProfilePSS421150017.1431022621.210.92
36Colsen Craven ('20) Scouting ProfileUCC211130011.152621901.241.32
37Joseph Martinez ('20) Scouting ProfileROB321032116.063623721.310.81
38Drew Hand ('0) Scouting ProfileEVA210131116.083920431.310.81
39JD Garner ('20) Scouting ProfileBSC220041014.28399751.431.09
40Nathan Webb ('22) Scouting ProfileMAN220031013.2431111711.541.32
41Jordan Taylor ('0) Scouting ProfileSJCD311040013.233625711.540.95
42Bradley Hodges ('0) Scouting ProfileSJCD320030013.233525531.540.73
43Richie Long ('21) Scouting ProfileRP320041122.0751418721.590.95
44Jackson Durant ('20) Scouting ProfilePAX404040020.11952422811.721.57
45Jace Thomas ('0) Scouting ProfileSJCD130050011.143127511.851.50
46Lane Dinkins ('20) Scouting ProfileBCW201040014.15411261241.951.60
47Jack Carver ('20) Scouting ProfileNP312040014.01241614902.001.79
48Cameron Rosario ('20) Scouting ProfileACS000060010.183710942.031.55
49Dylan Collingwood ('20) Scouting ProfileWW202021010.1133118322.031.35
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