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1Jackson Baumeister ('21) Scouting ProfileBB3402101127.040746410.000.41
2Hunter Bradshaw ('0) Scouting ProfileSAN330042121.021923320.330.57
3Seth Wysocki ('19) Scouting ProfileFLE340040019.1211026200.360.62
4Tyler Mills ('0) Scouting ProfileSAN330031116.0311010130.440.69
5Grant Shepherd ('20) Scouting ProfileFLE130280015.221814620.450.89
6Bo Bonds ('19) Scouting ProfileSB330030015.261625700.450.83
7Marc Maschio ('19) Scouting ProfileSJA340060022.0321322340.640.73
8Ander Hollis ('19) Scouting ProfileCCA431051117.0521033810.821.06
9Patrick Libby ('19) Scouting ProfileBB752072139.01253041920.901.00
10Garret Chun ('0) Scouting ProfileCLAY220071115.032713700.930.93
11Justin Mosley ('19) Scouting ProfileCLAY752071028.214412401140.980.80
12Bryce Janey ('20) Scouting ProfileTCA421090034.21252918671.011.01
13Clay Bass ('20) Scouting ProfileWNW311050018.1831722441.151.15
14Aedon Celistino ('0) Scouting ProfileFPC522051023.216424201031.181.44
15Dylan Faulkner ('19) Scouting ProfileCLAY742182134.0861650901.240.74
16Chris Allen ('19) Scouting ProfileBSC551091127.28520261631.271.30
17Ben Weeks ('19) Scouting ProfilePSS320060020.2641521701.351.06
18Nick Wrubluski ('22) Scouting ProfileBSC313180019.116416162221.451.97
19Cody McCoy ('20) Scouting ProfileDCP2211110023.01351736821.521.09
20Carter Shall ('0) Scouting ProfileFLE650061127.08616401331.561.07
21Brian Veniard ('19) Scouting ProfileFLE640060027.012616441741.561.22
22Hunter Barco ('19) Scouting ProfileBB750072234.011819621641.651.03
23Justin Parrish ('19) Scouting ProfileTCA6431130041.02010263510161.710.88
24Tyler Callihan ('19) Scouting ProfilePSS012370016.154827201.710.61
25Ashton Neuman ('0) Scouting ProfileFPC401050023.014618201151.831.26
26Ethan Hawthorne ('19) Scouting ProfileSJA211040015.0846141101.871.13
27Chantz Cruz ('19) Scouting ProfileEDW431164031.21291847641.990.76
28Dolan Ramsey ('21) Scouting ProfileBSC021070016.0551311752.191.25
29Hayden Laney ('22) Scouting ProfileDCP330050019.01262015722.211.42
30Brogan Napier ('21) Scouting ProfileSTA421150019.012616311142.211.42
31Avery Jackson ('19) Scouting ProfileDCP240190019.01261239412.210.84
32Bobby Jacobs ('20) Scouting ProfileWNW331061020.01071318552.450.90
33Evan Dodani ('20) Scouting ProfileSBD211180017.2971415602.771.13
34Bryant Cullen ('20) Scouting ProfileFBP302060022.214924141152.781.54
35Sean Miller ('21) Scouting ProfileSBD403070019.214818211102.851.47
36James Drysdale ('19) Scouting ProfileSJA302040016.0771161043.061.31
37Tucker Talbott ('19) Scouting ProfilePSS531050017.21081818703.171.42
38Luke Wilson ('21) Scouting ProfileSBD523051024.0211131151003.211.71
39Gabe Matthews ('19) Scouting ProfileFBP722071123.1181222241343.601.50
40Dylan Mendoza ('19) Scouting ProfileSBD312060015.116811201203.651.50
41JD Garner ('20) Scouting ProfileBSC721080026.2221435271973.682.03
42Dylan Simmons ('19) Scouting ProfileTCA641080031.2201725341853.761.36
43Cutler Cannon ('19) Scouting ProfilePSS742080032.2262033281164.291.35
44William Clarke ('20) Scouting ProfileEDW523060024.1251639181444.602.18
45Kanyon James ('20) Scouting ProfileTCA541070016.119112510844.712.02
46Terrian Rountree ('20) Scouting ProfileSTA311280019.1171426121225.071.97
47Avery Tate ('20) Scouting ProfileSTA532060021.022183091126.001.95
48Tyson Pigney ('21) Scouting ProfileEDW303080022.125203015736.271.66
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