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1Jacob Wertman (J) Scouting ProfileFBP320080024.0411522850.290.96
2Carter Chancey (S) Scouting ProfileFBP770091129.111219341320.481.09
3AJ Labas (S) Scouting ProfileTCA10900121065.210548811130.530.90
4JT Larson (J) Scouting ProfileBART5321110032.21333717920.641.41
5Blain Jones () Scouting ProfileOAK6400100031.1832029750.670.86
6Kyle Gamble (S) Scouting ProfileSB9810101146.010529641630.760.98
7Nolan Lepkoske (J) Scouting ProfileMAN12740124167.219829892170.830.74
8Tyler Schlegel (S) Scouting ProfileESE10430100053.216744421630.911.12
9Tony Roca (So) Scouting ProfilePVS561070030.2941830730.910.82
10Zach Chappell (J) Scouting ProfilePVS614080030.014421291570.931.20
11Levi Sigler (J) Scouting ProfileTPB10352136267.123954791100.940.97
12Jack Harris (J) Scouting ProfileSBD11920126366.22394292500.950.71
13Braxton Furry (S) Scouting ProfileSB4401130028.26423271310.981.26
14Chris Mualoni () Scouting ProfileOAK10530120047.217732682041.031.09
15Andy Yarbrough (J) Scouting ProfileCLAY2130130036.21363920221.151.12
16Kevin Faulkner (J) Scouting ProfilePVS7610103142.17727381041.160.87
17Austin Burke (S) Scouting ProfileCLAY13940170071.23112645420101.171.17
18Dylan Simmons (So) Scouting ProfileTCA5230111034.013624361521.241.15
19Zane Stephens (S) Scouting ProfileSB862092245.016823771541.240.84
20Darien Smith (J) Scouting ProfileUCC240081126.26517461241.311.09
21Lance Bolton (So) Scouting ProfileUCC541071131.21062430611.330.95
22Brett Wisely () Scouting ProfileSAN11921128171.0241452882261.381.04
23Tyler Nauman (S) Scouting ProfileTPB9520123153.0161135681231.450.89
24Jackson Spiller (J) Scouting ProfileFPC835082038.116829441141.461.04
25Tripp Brown (J) Scouting ProfileFBP422160023.0752215411.521.13
26Nick Frascello () Scouting ProfileRP651091139.210920461811.590.96
27Josh McDonough (S) Scouting ProfileCCA101010156261.1291451721751.601.11
28Eric Linder (J) Scouting ProfileNP14730152078.228184510031121.600.97
29Connor Solomon (J) Scouting ProfileCLAY11630150056.0291359462441.631.48
30Kyle Kauffman (S) Scouting ProfileTPB7720102145.2131135351421.691.07
31Michael Lavery (S) Scouting ProfileWW6241123041.0281040553221.711.76
32Shea Farmer () Scouting ProfileSTA3311110032.213826211451.711.22
33Hunter Barco (So) Scouting ProfileBB10720104057.02115395611151.840.88
34Drew Rusak () Scouting ProfileACS9530101056.1241552411961.861.26
35Michael Barker (J) Scouting ProfileESE9630100036.1171020211841.931.05
36Leighton Alley (S) Scouting ProfileNP11821142171.0282055672481.971.11
37Hunter Morris () Scouting ProfileRP650091128.19816271451.981.06
38Nicholas Love () Scouting ProfileYH10640103049.0261432801952.001.04
39Noah Sapp (S) Scouting ProfileACS210190020.214619141312.031.55
40Hueston Morrill (J) Scouting ProfileSB431180024.0772131862.041.21
41Nathan Skinner (J) Scouting ProfileBB11840122056.1241744431642.111.07
42Jordan Briones (J) Scouting ProfileSBD423291126.113821301922.131.52
43James Hoelle (S) Scouting ProfileBART10350103151.2221647451972.171.28
44Jose Sevillano () Scouting ProfileMAN4512120027.215925321002.281.27
45Ryan Ayrey (S) Scouting ProfileFLE542080030.2111017381522.281.04
46Justin Wager () Scouting ProfileOAK6622121142.2201432462012.301.22
47Will VanSickle () Scouting ProfilePAX8520131045.0301549383362.331.82
48Collin Garner (S) Scouting ProfileNP3222110030.0211028351732.331.50
49Owen Prior (S) Scouting ProfileFLE12741153356.1421943663082.361.30
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